Process Digitization

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Business Digitization

Converting processes into a digital format!

process digitization

87% of business leaders consider

digitization a priority!

70% of businesses chose to increase digitization spend for 2021.

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How we Digitize your Processes

Define Governance
Secure & integration back office solutions
Digitize processes
Integrate clients into processes
Monitoring & Live tracking
Effective Digital solutions for Businesses


Digital Signatures
Being able to sign a document remotely, but in a completely secure way saves time and money to move the business forward. We are eIDAS (ES, AES and QES) compliant.
Digital Data Room
You have some confidential documents and data in your business. Mobilu offers you a secure and easy-to-use digital Data Room, allowing, in addition to consultation, to share, edit and manage permissions for all your data, whether internally or externally .
Digital Board Meetings
Digitalizing all the process from meeting organization, participations, file sharing, signature and tasks management, Mobilu allows a better organization of steering board and shareholders meeting.
Processes Framework
Your business is made of several processes (human resources, customer management, sales department,…). Their digitization allows to standardize it, save time, improve collaboration, tasks distribution and offer a real-time monitoring to ensure their achievement on time and generate satisfaction.
Smart Presentations
Dynamic, intelligent and connected tool allowing interactive presentations with real-time data updates. Smart presentation is both a sales support, sales team monitoring and business tracking tool. Forget outdated and static PPT presentations…
Advanced Reportings
Follow and improve your processes management thanks to tasks completion live tracking and advanced analytics.


GAPP is the right solution to transform your company into a digital one!