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What is Gapp?

Gapp facilitates your transformation thanks to a modular 100% Cloud solution. It provides you with modules and procedures that are useful for your company in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Gapp digitizes your business, processes and allows you more efficient administrative management with the help of some tools like Digital Signature, Digital Data Room, Digital Board Meeting, Digital Smart Presentations and Micro e-Learning to develop skills.


Close the Gapp between your processes and your clients

Flexible, Advanced & Easy to Use Dashboard
Access Workspaces, view recent activity and notifications feed, and manage your messages from a user-friendly & intuitive interface, always accessible and from anywhere. Choose how and where you want to deploy the solution (public cloud, private cloud or on-premises). The Setup takes less than 10 minutes, with fast uploads of files in various formats.
The confidential and secure storage of your data is a key priority for us. GDPR and eIDAS compliant; Verify signer identity via email, OTP/SMS text code, Q&A & DIGIPASS. Also integrates with 3rd party ID verification services for new customer acquisition/onboarding. Anti-Tampering Controls after each signature to detect tampering seal documents.
Customisable & Scalable
Fully white-label to keep the spotlight on your brand – from start to finish – for your most valuable, trusted processes. Flexibility to scale across your lines of business and departments – both locally and abroad.
Performance & Management
Analyse the performance of your business through a full dashboard. Create custom groups and configure permissions, track all actions and modifications made within a Workspace. Concentrate all board tasks in One Central Location.
Easy Access
Store, edit and exchange documents in a secure Workspace (from desktop, tablet or smartphone) without downloading numerous files with real-time up-to-date information access. Communicate and Collaborate from anywhere, on any device!
Quick launch & Continuous support
Enjoy the performance of the Gapp solution in less than 10 minutes! No software installation, no digital expertise necessary for its use. Our team assists you for an easier handling. We also guarantee quality, high performance and technical support throughout using Gapp.


With the digital signature module, Gapp allows managing all your acts from a single platform: from the opening of a procedure to its archiving.
Customers no longer come for a simple signature, you lighten your schedule and leave room for consulting appointments.
3 types of digital signature available with different authentication levels to meet your needs : SES, AES, QES.
Can be integrated into the steps of your processes.
Ease of use for the signatory thanks to the mobile application.
GDPR and eIDAS compliant.
Reinforced authentication of the signer (e-mail, OTP / SMS text code, Q&A, DIGIPASS...).
Anti-Tampering Controls after each signature.
Reporting Analysis.
Secure and easy-to-use digital data room for collaboration and data exchange.
Whether it’s to share data and documents within internal teams or outside the company with customers, suppliers and business partners.
Additional digital features for an advanced, scalable and future-oriented data room.
100% SaaS, available & supported 24/7!
Highly Secure and Auditable, keeping data confidential.
Complete and configurable with customisation of groups and permissions.
Store, edit and exchange on documents in a secure Workspace without downloading numerous files.
Reporting Analysis.
This module is every company must-have.
It will allow organizing better the steering board and shareholders meeting, by digitalizing all the process from meeting organization, members participation, agenda, file sharing, signature and tasks management but also generating automatically the complete boardPack document.
Communicate and Collaborate from anywhere, on any device.
Drag & drop, build your board meetings in minutes.
Real-time up-to-date information access with Reporting Analysis.
One Central Location for Directors, Executives, and Administrators.
Workflows management between board managers, reviewers, approvers, board members.
A business is made of processes (human resources, customer management, sales department,…). Each department manages processes daily and manually, in a regulated or non-regulated manner. The digitization of these processes is the basis of digital transformation. With Gapp, this transformation is not limited to internal processes, it embarks customers, partners or employees.
Creation of your own processes.
Integration of third party (applicants, crms, clients, partners...) to make processes efficient and fully digitized.
Managers can follow every process in progress, see deadlines and evolutions.
Automatic alerts for procedures (close or exceeded deadlines, reminders, etc.).
Reporting Analysis.
Dynamic, intelligent and connected tool allowing interactive presentations with real-time data updates.
Smart presentation is both a sales support, sales team monitoring and business tracking tool.
Forget outdated and static PPT presentations…
Connected, the Smart presentation populate automatically your CRM after a meeting according to the activity.
It reduces the lost time related to manual updates and human errors.
Smart presentation can be connected to several data sources and update business presentations automatically.
Managers can follow their sales team and know the evolution of meetings with clients due to reports.

Select the modules that fit better your needs.