​Transform Your Legal Transactions with a M&A Software

Effortlessly enhance interactions, automate tasks, safeguard communications, and files with a ​​​ leading business development platform.


Ce​​ntralize Data in One Place

Establish consistent contract storage practices through a defined and searchable central contract repository accessed from anywhere that ensures all your important market research docs, including accurate company data, are just a click away.

Drive intelligent workflows

Automate the agreement lifecycle end-to-end using our Deal Sourcing Platform, standardize processes and ensure risk-free operations. Securely access and modify contracts from anywhere, on all devices, all managed through a pipeline management system. 

Streamline Collaboration

Increase compliance between all departments (Legal, Finance, HR, Sales, Procurement, Managing Board). Visibility across the contract lifecycle management leads to quicker, and more informed decisions.


Cutting-edge Data Room 

Manage your deals and all the documents related in one place with our merge and acquisition platform. ​Create new workspaces, invite clients, manage the roles and permissions, conduct due diligence, and start sharing documents with them.

Secure Digital signature 

With the digital signature your contracts can be signed from anywhere. Customers no longer come for a simple signature, you lighten your schedule and save time. Integrated with LuxTrust® and itsme® applications. 


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The Ultimate Solution for Fast and Centralized Access to All Types of Business Data


Simplify Closing Process

Customer integration

Safe & Secure

Customisable & scalable

Custom Integrations

User-friendly Interface