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Mobilu was born in the air of secure smartphones. While the professional world was dependent on these devices for their daily management, David, IT manager at that time, knew that this technology would eventually disappear, causing a real managerial problem. It’s to anticipate this digital transformation and offer managers a viable alternative that he created Mobilu in 2012!


The Foundation of Mobilu

Created in 2012 by David Iachetta in Leudelange zone Am Bann, Mobilu has been developing digitalization and robotization solutions for 11 years, in order to increase companies’ productivity, efficiency and collaboration. Mobilu put its expertise at the service of businesses and supportes them in their digital transformation.


The Award and Internationalisation of Mobilu

In 2014 We’ve been awarded the « Startup » of the year 2014 at the Gala IT One Luxembourg and we opened our first Office abroad in Coimbra, Portugal.


Mobilu Joined Arendt

Since 2020, Mobilu is part of Arendt group, Luxembourg’s leading legal, tax and business services firm. Joining the Arendt group is relevant and promising. The combined talents of our “Tech” and “Digital” teams allow us more innovation and, therefore, more opportunities to meet the requirements of agility and value creation.

Since 2012, Mobilu is developing its offer according to the evolutions of our world to supports companies in their digital transformation in the best way: process digitization, robotization, auditing, consulting, security… It puts its expertise at the service of a rapidly changing professional world.

David Iachetta

David Iachetta is a visionary digital entrepreneur known for his unwavering passion for innovative technology and gamification. With over 25 years of proven success in a digital business career, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the digital business landscape in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Portugal. Having founded and grown five thriving digital companies, each contributing uniquely to the digital landscape, he has an impressive track record. In 2010, he created 'mobilu,' an award-winning company focused on 'Digital Customer Experiences,' contributing expertise to the Legal and Finance industries. In 2020, Mobilu was acquired by Arendt, the Luxembourgish leader in legal and tax services. Passionate about gamification, David founded Bravon in 2014, a software company focusing on engagement, supporting companies to scale.

In 2018, drawing on his extensive experience in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing industry, he created a spinoff of Bravon called Minds, now one of the most advanced management software solutions for Direct Selling, MLM, and Network Marketing in Europe.
In 2021, David realized his dream by merging his passion for Belgian beverages and digital, creating 'The Ghost Brewery' franchise—a dedicated brewing house for Brewers Entrepreneurs looking to launch or grow their business. David also founded Inception Group, a company that helps create, optimize and maximize the value and growth of digital businesses from incubation to acceleration and funding. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, David's reputation and network have led him to a 'natural' new adventure: supporting digital entrepreneurs in their journey by steering and investing in innovative digital stories through a private business club of business angels.

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