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User Engagement
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82% Of Top Global Companies

Are Using Gamification

Only 55% of companies are currently conducting user experience testings.

What about yours?

Why you should improve your users’ engagement

Adapt Business

to our new world, to the new expectations of users

Improve ROI

by increasing performance, efficiency and results.

Improve Skills

keep them informed and updated, they will be engaged.

Retain & Attract

lifting engagement will increase your users' loyalty rate & attract new users.
Engaged employees and customers perform best.

How Mobilu Improves Engagement & Adoption

Gamified Platform
A fun and simple way to engage your community (employees, members, users) and boost performances. The platform allows you to generate and manage the performances, motivations and the commitment of users through gamification techniques.
Micro Learning
Microlearning is a strategy known for quickly closing skill and knowledge gaps. It is an ideal instructional approach for many situations because: Information changes quickly.
Know your Users' Performance
Understanding your users is one of the most fundamental and important steps to motivate them & communicate with them. See how everyone is doing on the challenges and journeys you created and be able to follow and improve the user experience even more. Analyse the performance of your business through a full dashboard.
Better Communication
Modern digital workplaces require extra effort to communicate and keep everyone connected. Create a single stream of communications that ensures acknowledgement and synchronization between everyone. Set Surveys with real-time tracking to feel the motivation and engagement of your team and customers.
Create Personalized Journeys and Challenges
Create Journeys according to your user’s expectations and your own goals, including challenges, in order to motivate them.
UI & UX Experts
Our UX designers and UI specialists work to bridge the gap between the user and the product or service creator.


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