Digital Processes Framework

The Heart of Digital Transformation

Digital Processes Framework

A business is made of processes (human resources, customer management, sales department,…). Each department manages processes daily and manually, in a regulated or non-regulated manner. The digitization of these processes is the basis of digital transformation.

With Mobilu, This transformation is not limited to internal processes, it embarks customers, partners or employees thanks to our apps.

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Our Features


Personalized processes

Because each company is different and needs to manage tasks according to its own rules, you can create your own personalized processes.

Embedded Third Party

To make digital processes efficients and fully digitized, our framework integrates third party (applicants, clients, partners...). Through our apps, with a limited access, they can be part of process and do their task.

Live Tracking

Managers can follow every process in progress, see deadlines and evolutions


Flexible Deployment Options
Choose how and where you want to deploy the solution (public cloud, private cloud or on-premises).
Fully white-label the e-sign process to keep the spotlight on your brand –from start to finish –for your most valuable, trusted transactions.
Easy to Use
Intuitive UI and responsive design – send and sign from desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Scalable Platform
Flexibility to scale e-signatures across your lines of business and departments – both locally and abroad.
Strong Authentication Options
Verify signer identity via email, OTP/SMS text code, Q&A, DIGIPASS, digital certificates... Also integrates with 3rdparty ID verification services for new customer acquisition/onboarding.
Anti-Tampering Controls
Digital signature technology used to tamper seal documents after each signature.
Audit Trails
Includes a Static Audit Trail (Evidence Summary Report and embedded audit trail).
SOC 2 Type II, GDPR and HIPAA compliant; first e-signature solution in a FedRAMP authorized cloud.

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