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What is Bravon?

A fun and simple way to engage your community (employees, members, users), boost performances and develop skills. Bravon allows you to generate and manage performances, motivations and the commitment of users through unique journeys and gamification techniques and micro-learning strategies.


Approach for Modern Digital Workplaces

Track Your Performance
Analyse the performance of your business through a full dashboard with multiple analytics. See how everyone is doing on the challenges and journeys you created and be able to follow and improve the user experience even more.
Animate your Community
Bravon gamification platform offers a modern integrated communication system to communicate with your audience to animate it thanks to several features like inbox, surveys, chat.
Drive Engagement
Make employees passionate about their work with clear goals and paths to success. Make your customers appreciate your brand with a more engaging shopping experience. Make your club members the actives and involved users through motivating challenges and attractive rewards. Drive engagement through Gamification!
Know your Users
Understanding your users is one of the most fundamental and important steps to motivate them, communicate with them and create the right challenges and experience. Bravon automated retention system keeps your users engaged and pushes them to continue and move to the next level.


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Create personalized journeys according to your users’ expectations and your goals. The user experience becomes an adventure made up of steps, trophies, rewards creating motivation and commitment. Make user experience a fun adventure to reach levels and rewards.
Pre-integrated into the steps of your current proceduresShow employees clearer career paths to pursue and more ways to grow within your organization.
Define your own journeys to involve users according to their expectations and your goals.
Can be used as a Skills Development Tool.
Motivate your workforce to do their best. Create a fun adventure with some challenges and rewards for employees to win.
Create challenges inside users groups to activate the positive peer effect.
Implement a collaboration strategy by creating shared challenges, forcing collaboration.
Motivate your workforce to do their best.
Create challenges to support and drive users to adopt best practices.
Put in place a smart Academy providing the right learning at the right time to the right person for maximum business impact, using a Microlearning strategy known for quickly closing skills and knowledge gaps. It is an ideal instructional approach for many situations because: Information changes quickly.
Microlearning tools enabling you to manage and monitor learning activities that your users or employees can consume at their own pace.
Possibility to define personalised courses per employee or per groups.
Guarantee high level of competencies based on tests and quizzes.
Implement a full Talent management strategy.
Analyse and adapt your learning strategies based on reportings.
Modern digital workplaces require extra effort to communicate and keep everyone connected. Create a single stream of communications that ensures acknowledgement and synchronization between everyone. Ensure everyone is up to date with the most recent information and connected by sending personalized and segmented news and updates.
An Omni channel communication inbox to spread the messages instantly.
Surveys capabilities to get instant feedback from employees and customers or involve them in decisions.
Private chats and channels groups discussions to be sure everyone is connected.
Content sharing between users or groups.
Gratification features to keep people connected.
A dynamic, intelligent and connected tool allowing interactive real-time data feedback.
Analyse the performance of your business through a full dashboard. See how everyone is doing on the challenges and journeys you created and be able to follow and improve the user experience even more.
Execute advanced user profiling to knew better your members.
Analyse and adapt your management strategy thanks to a complete reporting.
Motivate user to excel by transparently sharing real-time progress as well as achievements.
Set Surveys with real-time tracking to feel the motivation and engagement of your team.

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